Carpet Allergy Solutions

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Allergy sufferers are miserable when they encounter one of their triggers. People with allergies do their best to ensure that their home is free of whatever it is that causes their allergies to act up. For many this means living without pets. For others this means taking medication as soon as they leave the house to avoid an allergy attack from pollen and other outside triggers. However, many people find that they still suffer from allergy attacks despite the fact that they keep their homes free of anything they are allergic to. This mystifies many, but the answer might be right under their nose. The culprit might be their own carpet.

Allergens in Carpet

No matter how clean a house is the carpet can cause a person with allergies to go into a hysteric bout of sneezing or cause puffy eyes and congestion. Carpets are magnets for dust, pet dander and other allergens. Even those who don’t have pets may have pet dander in their carpets because people drag the dander in on their shoes where it then becomes stuck in the carpet. Doctors recommend that allergy sufferers with wall to wall carpeting remove their carpet and replace it with a hard surface that does not trap allergens.

Dust Mites

Any allergy sufferer that has allergy attacks throughout the year is probably housing dust mites in their carpeting. These are dragged in from outside, along with pollen, dirt and mold. Dust mites bury deep into your carpet, and emit waste up to 200 times their body weight. Since those with allergies are allergic to the waste emitted by dust mites rather than the actual bug, this causes allergies to worsen on a regular basis. The bad news is that once a dust mite buries itself deep into the carpet it is nearly impossible to remove. Even after a thorough vacuum 95 percent of the dust mites hidden in your carpet are still there and active.

Carpet Allergy Solutions

Those who suffer from severe allergies may have only one option, which is to rip up their carpet and replace it with hardwood or tile. Those whose allergies are not quite as serious have other options for ridding their carpet of dust, dander and mites. Investing in a vacuum that has a built-in HEPA filter and using it on your carpets twice a week will remove up to 99.97 percent of dust, dander and other particles.

Aside from regular vacuuming, allergy sufferers should have their carpets professionally steam cleaned every six months. It is important that allergy sufferers allow their carpets to dry completely before replacing furniture after a steam cleaning to ensure that mold does not grow in damp places. Finally, you can request that your guests remove their shoes before entering your home to prevent the spread of outdoor allergens that are attracted to carpet.

For those who love carpet and want to keep their home decorated with it but without the allergens that it houses, there are alternatives. If you are building your home or removing your existing carpet and still want carpet in your house, choose one that makes it more difficult for allergens to hide. Short, tight weaves are less likely to attract and hide allergens than carpet with long, loose fibers.

Allergies are a big problem for millions of people, and the fact that your own carpet may be causing your discomfort is an even bigger problem for many. By taking proper care of your existing carpet, choosing new carpet or replacing it with hard surface flooring you can eliminate the allergens that cause you misery in your own home.


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