Carpet Protectant: Should You Use It to Protect Carpeting?

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Carpet Protectant

What’s a carpet protectant? Many people who aren’t in the cleaning business aren’t quite aware about what a carpet protectant is. Simply put, a carpet protectant is a material that shields carpets and even furniture from stains because of its water-repellent properties. However, a protectant won’t be able to protect your carpets from spills. Although these kinds of substances provide some protection to small spills and stains, allowing you to clean up most of the stain immediately before it has the chance to adhere to a surface, a protectant won’t be able to protect carpets from large spills or wetness. In addition to this, many products, like those offered by Teflon and Scotchgard, not only offer protection from staining, but also protection from dirt and soiling. Generally, carpet protection substances last for a few months or even a year. But some brands, such as MicroSeal, declare that their products can provide more permanent protection.


Most carpet protectants, like Teflon, are sprayed on. You can easily do this with the use of a good power sprayer. Once the product has been sprayed on, it should be brushed to further spread the product and to allow it to adhere to carpet or furniture fibers. When the protectant dries, it immediately becomes effective. Other protectants are applied in factories during the making of carpets. Buying carpets that already have protection is a good way to save time and energy. You can also call a professional cleaning group who can do the treatment for you.


There are several advantages of having your carpet “protected.” As mentioned, protectants protect carpets from staining and soiling. Stain and dust particles can readily bind to carpet or furniture fibers, and this makes new carpet look old quickly. It’s the opposite with carpet protectants. Because these kinds of products help in shielding carpets from several elements, carpets will last longer and these will look new for a longer time as well. But the thing about getting carpet protectant is that you have to be aware. Why? First of all, many kinds of carpets out in the market today already have some sort of protective film covering. So, you can forgo treating your brand new carpet for about a year or so. When you do have your carpet treated, you should only do this every year or two. A carpet protectant won’t wear off easily. But remember that the more foot traffic a carpet endures each day, the faster the protectant will thin out. Also, harsh products that are often used to remove carpet stains can also take away the protectant.

A few premium brands offer carpet protectants that also defend against mildew and mold, and some are also slightly fire resistant. These kinds contain elements that help in reducing the speed by which fire spreads. Also, for those who are eco-conscious, opt for carpet protectants that do not contain fluorochemicals or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) resin.


The price of protectants usually depends on size and brand. For instance, a can of 3M carpet protector can cost less than $10, while a gallon or so can cost more than $120.

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