Red, Red Wine Can Be A Nightmare For Us All

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Red Wine Stains

Usually, stains are the result of a guest accidentally tipping over their glass of wine at a party or a child dropping his plate of food. Incidents like these can lead to permanent carpet stains if they are not treated quickly. In order to have your precious rugs and carpets looking their best, it is recommended that you go for professional carpet cleaning at least every year. However, you can remedy a spilled situation by following these tips.

There isn’t a stain proof carpet in existence

Let’s face it; there aren’t any stain proof carpets out there that you can buy. If there were, people would have been buying them up by now. Most modern carpets, however, are stain resistant for the most part. There is a good chance that you can wipe out a stain from existence if you make efforts to remove it when it is fresh. Otherwise, leaving it to dry on its own will result in a permanent stain altogether.

A carpet owner’s stain nightmare is…red wine!

Stains are often the result of someone else’s carelessness. For example, parties are the best example where you can find these, especially when you hold it in cramped quarters. Red wine is often the common culprit here. In a situation like this, professional help may take awhile in getting over to your house so here’s a trick that can help you remove it yourself. To clean this kind of stain, grab a handful of thick paper towels, some water, and some white vinegar. Then, soak the towel with warm water then add a little white vinegar. After you have done this, keep dabbing at the wine stain with the vinegar-water solution until the stain is completely removed.

How to dab properly

If you are going to fix a stain yourself, keep in mind that it is best to dab. Never rub or scrub abrasively, as a fuzzy white stain may occur. When you dab, work from the outer edge in toward the centre of the spot to help you avoid spreading the spill. Pay close attention as well to any colour change in your paper towel. You should be making good progress when you see a colour transfer from the carpet to the towel.

Whatever the case may be, carpet stains are no laughing matter, especially when you have something like red wine stains all over your expensive antique Persian rug. For newly-created stains, you can try removing it with these tips. However, deep seated carpet stains are best handled by professional carpet cleaners.

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